I've heard that drinking water can increase energy levels and improve focus, among other health benefits

Drinking more water has been associated with several health benefits, such as weight loss and improved circulation. Incorporating an extra glass or two into your daily routine is an easy and healthy habit to adopt, so why not give it a try? Although it took a few days to get used to, this small change in my schedule turned me into a hydration enthusiast. After two weeks, I was hooked and properly hydrated. Here's how it worked!

drinking water can increase energy levels and improve focus
Drinking water can increase energy levels

Determining Your Daily Water Intake

You can use a chart to figure out the exact amount of water you need to drink each day. However, I followed the Mayo Clinic's broad guidelines:

Men require about 124 ounces of water per day

Women require about 92 ounces of water per day

To make sure I drank enough water, I purchased a large 40 oz water bottle (like this one) that I could refill throughout the day, making it more sustainable than buying a new plastic bottle every day. I made sure to drink a quarter the bottle immediately upon waking up, the second half mid-morning, a full bottle with lunch, at least another half on my commute home, and one with dinner plus a glass before bed. The more times I refilled my 40 oz bottle during the day, the better!

While I primarily drank tap water or cucumber-infused water, it doesn't have to be plain H2O all the time. I also included sparkling water in my daily intake when I wanted to switch things up (which I did every couple of days). Other beverages and water-rich foods can also provide fluids.

This is What Happened

Incorporating water into my daily routine was a bit of an adjustment, but I managed to stick to it by setting cell phone alarms and calendar reminders. After about a week, I no longer needed the prompts and could remember to drink on my own.

After one day

Initially, after drinking around 8 glasses of water per day, I didn't notice many changes except for frequent bathroom breaks. However, I did not feel any significant differences and wondered if the effort was worth it.

After two days

On Day 2, I began noticing that I felt more energetic throughout the day and wasn't as hungry as usual. When I felt peckish, drinking a glass of water did the trick instead of snacking. I realized that many of my snack cravings might have been due to thirst. As a result, I started feeling less bloated and lighter, with higher energy levels despite consuming fewer calories.

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After one week

After about a week, I noticed that my skin was clearing up and looking smoother and refreshed. While moisturizing is essential for healthy skin, I hadn't realized that hydrating from the inside would be equally beneficial.

Benefit of drinking water for skin
Benefit of drinking water

After two weeks

This simple habit made me look and feel great with minimal effort. I'm all in for wellness routines that are free, easy, and convenient. With summer in full swing, I plan to continue drinking enough water and may even add a healthy grab-and-go breakfast to my morning routine.

Thank you for reading!

June 26, 2023 — Four Leaf

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