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TrustyMate 40 Oz Tumbler
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TrustyMate 40 Oz Tumbler 2.0
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FourLeaf Trusty Mate - 40 Oz tumbler edition - An everyday item that has been given a colorful twist. It includes a sturdy handle, superior insulation, and a foldable straw lid to prevent leaking. This 40 Oz tumbler will be a perfect addition to your daily drinks.

When the drinkware market flooded with an abundance of insulated tumblers, one brand stood out - FourLeaf Trusty Mate - 40 Oz tumbler. Not just their all-purpose functions and exciting designs that made them special, but the story behind them is truly what makes them exceptional.

What makes FourLeaf apart from other brands? 

FourLeaf Trusty Mate 40 Oz tumbler is made with the utmost care and consideration from the brand's creator. This 40 Oz tumbler has double wall insulation and stainless steel construction. They guarantee your drinks will stay hot or cold all day long. FourLeaf Trusty Mate 40 Oz tumbler is a practical option for active lifestyles. Whether you are going out for a trip, going to work, or just chilling in your house!

What makes FourLeaf apart from other brands?

The unique built-in straw lid featured in the FourLeaf 40 Oz tumbler

We took it a step further by incorporating a collapsible straw into the tumbler lid, ensuring zero spills. The addition of a built-in straw eliminates the need to constantly search for a separate straw and serves as a sustainable alternative to plastic straws.

This particular feature sets the FourLeaf 40 Oz stainless steel tumbler apart from its competitors. With this innovative design, you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about leaks or losing the straw. This small yet ingenious detail proves incredibly practical, especially when you're on the move.

Moreover, the lid of our 40 Oz cup is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free sipping experience. Therefore, our tumbler with its straw-integrated top is the ultimate choice for those seeking functionality, convenience, and effortless sipping.

The FourLeaf Trusty Mate insulated cup with handle 40 oz offers dual drinking options for your convenience.

Experience the versatility of the FourLeaf Trusty Mate tumbler 40 oz with handle with not just one, but two remarkable drinking options. We offer you the convenience of sipping your cold beverages effortlessly using the built-in straw. Just pop it up, and you're ready to savor your drink with ease.

But wait, there's more! Our 40 Oz tumbler also features a user-friendly spout that you can effortlessly open to enjoy your hot drinks. No more accidental mouth burns! Whether you're indulging in a steaming cup of coffee or prefer larger sips, our tumbler has got you covered.

Breakthrough technology with a 100% leak-proof function

Embrace the seamless convenience of our travel-friendly tumbler, where leak-proof functionality takes center stage. Thanks to our impeccable sealing mechanism and dependable design, spills and messes are now a thing of the past. Whether you carry it in your bag or enjoy it on the move, rest assured that leaks are no longer a concern. In fact, our tumbler 40 oz defies gravity and won't spill a single drop even when held upside down!

With our innovative features, every sip remains securely contained within the tumbler, regardless of whether you're enjoying a piping hot beverage or a refreshing drink. We've incorporated a reliable sealing gasket and a robust locking mechanism to ensure a completely leak-proof experience. Simply twist the lid in place, fold down the straw, and you're all set for a worry-free journey!

The FourLeaf tumbler is designed to cater to the needs of both left-handed and right-handed individuals

Designed with ambidexterity in mind, the handle of this 40 Oz tumbler ensures a comfortable grip for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. Its sturdy build and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to hold, regardless of your dominant hand. The strategic placement of the spout on one side and the straw on the other allows for easy drinking from any angle of the tumbler.

Furthermore, the FourLeaf 40 oz tumbler with handle and straw boasts logos on both sides, adding a touch of style no matter which side you choose to hold. It is built to last, well-insulated, and effortless to clean. Whether you're a lefty or a righty, anyone can enjoy the convenience and functionality of this exceptional tumbler.

40 Oz tumbler that fit in any cup holder - Trusty Mate 40 Oz tumbler

Rest assured, the FourLeaf insulated tumblers 40 oz is specifically designed to seamlessly fit into any car's cup holder! Its dimensions are carefully crafted to effortlessly slide into those cup holder spaces, ensuring a snug and reliable fit that won't disappoint, even during bumpy rides. Now, you can confidently bring your favorite beverages on the road without the fear of spills or tipping. With its perfect compatibility, this tumbler effortlessly nestles into your car's cup holder, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience on all your journeys.

A perfect fit in any cup holder