How to clean the inside of your 40 oz tumbler

    Our tumbler is made for the sake of easy cleaning, so you can follow these steps and have a spotless tumbler in a matter of seconds.

    First, you can start by emptying and rinsing the tumbler before cleaning. Next, use any dish soap you have to pour on a sponge. Avoid using the frizzy side of the sponge when you scrub inside the 40 oz tumbler with handle. It may damage or scratch it. The tumbler is wide enough to put your hand in. This ensures the sponge reaches every corner, leaving no spot dirty. After a thorough scrub, both outside and inside, you can rinse it again with warm water and put it on the rack to dry off. Finally, enjoy your just-like-new Tumbler!

    How to clean the 40oz tumbler with straw

    This could be quite challenging because to thoroughly clean the lid, you will need to remove all of its components. But don't worry, once you get used to it, disassembling and reassembling will only take a few minutes.

    how to clean the fourleaf tumbler 40oz

    Disassemble the 40 oz tumbler lid & straw

      • Step 1: Take out the straw under the lid.
      • Step 2: Use your palm to push out the spout to the side while lifting it upward at the same time.
      • Step 3: Pop out the silicone straw stopper
      • Step 4: Hand wash each piece individually with warm water and dish soap. And leave them on a rack to dry.

      Reassemble the 40 oz tumbler lid

        • Relocate the straw stopper to the same place you took it out. Another pro-tip is that you can use the straw to put it in place.
        • Next, attach the silicone straw to the back of your lid
        • Finally, push down the hard plastic piece of straw on the top of your lid, until you hear a “click” sound.

        Video to guide: Click view!

        And that’s how you get a spotless Tumbler!

        Thank you for reading!

        June 01, 2023 — Four Leaf


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        how do we take off the handle of the tumbler to clean it?

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